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How can I support this?

It’s just me. I pull some friends in to help with some of the areas where my skills are lacking, but for the most part, it’s just little ole me. I design and build the exhibits, research the history, write the content, and assemble social posts. I’m tired.

As of now, the best way you could support me is to like my posts, share them, comment on them, and follow on any platforms you can find me on. 

Front Desk

However, if you’re itching to financially throw me a bone, there’s a button below to buy me a cup of coffee to keep me fueled up, cranking out content. 

Sometime in the near future, I will offer courses to learn my process and follow along with how I’ve built some of this stuff. Additionally, I hope to launch a Patreon to post some more exclusive content. When such a time arises, I would greatly appreciate the monetary and emotional support.

Thank you for being here! I'd smooch you if I could.

How can I Stop this?

You can't.

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