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Field notes No.2

A wicked Spirit

Field Notes No.2 - A Wicked Spirit

Location: Northern Canada

Local Weather: 37°F

From the field journal of Dr. Monster,

In my recent studies, I’ve been fascinated by the legend and existence of the fearsome Wendigo. It has worked its way into the mainstream and now exists as both a horrific creature of spiritual significance to some native tribes, as well as an inspiration for movies, tv, and scary stories. The Wendigo, a terrifying creature from Native American folklore, is – I believe – very much still in existence and not extinct as most cryptozoologist scholars would believe. The Wendigo is said to be a spirit that possesses humans and turns them into cannibalistic monsters with a never-ending hunger for human flesh. Tradition holds that it appears in times of famine. And with the never ending supply of fast food and grocery stores, the monster of starvation has been staved off in recent times.

I've spent the last few years traveling to remote areas of the world, searching for evidence of the Wendigo's existence. My latest expedition took me to the forests of Northern Canada, where I came across an ancient burial site that was said to contain Wendigo relics. A kind old gentleman in the local pub gave me a map and some directions. He also gave me a bag of salt, some crystals, a Tim Hortons coupon, and a ‘Minecraft’ themed Croc charm. While I am appreciative of the gifts, at this point I’ve not found a useful way to exercise them.

After several weeks of careful search, I finally discovered what appeared to be a Wendigo skull. It has the facade of a tattered elk skull, however the teeth are sharp and the antlers are mangled and twisted. These signs point to wendigo remains. Additionally, I uncovered cave paintings and some primitive tools that may have belonged to an ancient tribal shaman. I was ecstatic with the major finds, but little did I know that my discovery would have disastrous consequences.

As I was packing up my gear, I began to feel an eerie presence around me. My beard hairs stood on end and a rush of impending doom overtook me. Suddenly, the ground beneath me began to shake, and I heard a loud rumbling sound coming from the depths of the forest. At that moment, I knew then that I had awoken something ancient and evil.

The legend of the Wendigo warns against disturbing its resting place, as it is believed to be a harbinger of death and destruction. I went out searching for its continued existence, and its haunting me has certainly proven its reality. However, I’d much prefer to not be pursued through a dense dark forest by a malevolent spirit. I fear that my quest for knowledge has put me in grave danger. I will return to the camp shortly.


On my path back to base camp, I believe I encountered the beast. I was able to outrun it and made it back to the safety of my tent and dog. I will be sprinkling the salts I was gifted previously around my tent tonight in hopes that it will keep this evil at bay. I will also be affixing the Minecraft charm to my crocs to add some pizzazz. I must document my findings, but I must also tread carefully from here on out. The Wendigo is not a creature to be taken lightly, and I fear that I may have crossed a line that cannot be undone. I will write soon! The things I do for this stupid museum.


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Apr 20, 2023

I will also be affixing the Minecraft charm to my crocs to add some pizzazz” 💀😂 Billy Monster is a G

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